Salem Lutheran Church and Preschool
Salem Lutheran Church and Preschool
Salem Lutheran Church and Preschool

Come join us in worship to our Lord!


For where two or three are gathered together unto my name,

there am I in the midst of them.      

Matthew 18:20

      Saturday Evening    

4:00PM  -   Traditional Service


Sunday Morning   

 10:30AM  -  Family Worship


The Lord's Supper celebrated on the first and third weekend of the month.



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Re-post of Sunday, June 28, 2020


Due to technical difficulties we are re-posting last week's worship service for today.
Happy Independence Day weekend & feel free to join us for 'in-person' worship at your earliest opportunity.
















“ Again Jesus spoke to them saying, ‘I am the light of the world. 
Whoever follows me will not walk in darkness, but will have the light of life.’”
John 8:12


God’s richest blessings my friends in Christ! 


We are continuing our journey to the cross of Calvary with our Savior Jesus, and while it is in a most unique way this year of 2020 it is still just as meaningful and spiritually enriching as it has been in years past. The Holy Spirit is not constrained during this global-pandemic by a lack of physical presence in a building. When the people of God gather around His Word as it is spoken, heard, and received faithfully - even through the electronic platform we are currently using - hearts and lives are being strengthened and changed. Worship the King my friends and rejoice in His faithfulness this Holy week.

I am writing this message to convey an update regarding our use of the ZOOM gatherings platform.  Because we live in a fallen world where sin and nefarious activities are active, we are to use godly-wisdom in the use of the technology that he has blessed us with. Please take note of the updated use of Zoom Gatherings as listed below:


All Worship services, ‘Morning Inspirations’, ‘The Light of Jesus @ Lunch’, and ‘Bedtime Bible Stories’ are no longer LIVE broadcasts. They are now pre-recorded and uploaded to our website (salem and our FACEBOOK page (Salem Lutheran Church & Preschool Springville NY)  just prior to their usual times. For example: Worship services will be available around 10:30 on Sunday mornings. The three other recordings will have their new messages available for viewing around 7 am., 12 noon, and 7 pm. Monday - Friday.


Any LIVE Zoom Gatherings will have a random ID # and password that will be different for each gathering every time they meet.  In addition, they will have a ‘waiting area’ that each participant will first enter until the host (usually Pastor) will specifically allow each person to enter at the appropriate time. These gatherings will be ‘locked’ after all that were expected to be in attendance have arrived.  For example: Confirmation classes, Bible studies, Prayer & Share, Pastoral Counseling sessions, Committee meetings, perhaps even Congregational meetings if the need arises. (The church office will only be able to send out the ID # and password to people that have given us this information).



email address
‘smart’ phone number

Please contact our office with this important information by phone:

716-592-4893  or through an email -


Staying connected and walking together through these days is very challenging currently. Your updated information and your regular use of the opportunities listed above will help us all grow stronger in our personal faith and stronger as a loving church family. 

I look forward to the day when this ‘shelter in place’ ends and we will be together again in person to celebrate God’s faithfulness and love!  Thank you for your prompt attention to this matter. It is so important, so that we can continue to keep you aware of important information and opportunities during this unique time.  


Standing in the promises of God,

Pastor Eric Goodwin
John 3:16-17


P.S. Pastor & Leadership are considering a Grand Celebration upon the conclusion of the Shelter in Place. Visit our website and Facebook page regularly for updates!




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